Taylor Kinser is the founder and graphic designer of Taylor Kinser Design.​
Taylor sets up camp at her desk– under a blanket of course – surrounded by a library of design books (organized by color) and skeletons doing yoga as she nerds out over the intersection of design principles, creativity, and value strategy. 
She often wishes the interrobang had taken off, has a fanaticism with the futura typeface, and truly believes that design is both beautiful and valuable. (What a novel idea!)
She has a BFA in graphic design, experience in both an agency and a Fortune 500 company, served as president on the board of directors of AIGA Chattanooga, and has work featured on the Huffington Post.
Even in her spare time she can be found applying these same principles as she levels up her level 6 sorcerer with friends, while waiting on chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven– one minute after the timer goes off.
Thank you!
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